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Mega Man 2...on the iphone.

Posted on February 3, 2010 at 3:43 PM

I think the iphone has surprised a lot of people with its gaming abilities, library and overall funfactor you can have with it. I went into detail on how much I enjoyed Zenonia, even if it was a little too short and simple, and I've played some quality games that I haven't gone into at all on it. Such as Zen Bound and Flight Control. I had heard that classic NES titles were available also and that Mega Man II is one of the

best available in that it works surprisingly well. At least half the time...


Until you get to Dr. Wiley's fortress and serious platforming becomes needed - specifically the dragon miniboss (seen above). Know first that Mega Man II is still a dumbed down version of the original. You have various degrees of difficulty you can master but hard is far too hard with the iphone and normal made me just want to play my NES cart and a controller I can actually use. There's little in the main levels that require you to time jumps, but you get by well enough because the controls can handle them, but you have your limits on this.


Jumping is what brings it down once you get to the final segments. Previous levels allowed you to time your jumps, set, and then jump again. It's all easy. Once it's called upon you to jump quickly onto small areas while dodging things, that's when it becomes impossible on the little iphone. The touchscreen just doesn't lend itself well to this because you must be so precise and quick. Your thumb will accidentally hit the wrong direction because that's what the screen registers, and that's really all it takes. Throw in the fact you have to shoot in one direction while doing so to destroy a boss, and you might as well just stop it there.


I think simpler, less demanding classic NES games would be great. I could see something like Rescue Rangers or even Mario working well, but not something where anything more than jumping is required. (Sonic would be amazing on this thing).


I picked up Mega Man II because it was only .99 cents. Pretty good deal for the most part, it's just unfortunate I won't be able to beat it once it starts asking too much. You can't beat the classic music and graphics, though. Capcom should move on to something else. Check it out, it's cheap, but let's just say you get what you pay for.

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Reply toosmartforbond2
8:44 AM on April 28, 2010 
I love playing it on the HTC (my friend's), but I never reached Wily's Castle. Still, the earlier levels were fine.

But hell ... that Dragon can be tough to beat even using a real controller. I can't imagine doing it on the small phone. At the same time, of a game I've already beaten is not my goal, typically. It's to kill time. And so, in that respect, these titles are perfectly suited for waiting in line, on the bus, etc adventuring.